Commercial Security

Protect your employees, inventory and commercial assets with a safe and secure workplace. Burglar alarms, access control, video surveillance, remote applications and real time environmental monitoring help safeguard your business and staff.

Residential Security

Protect your family, pets and home with a safe and secure residence. Burglar alarms, access control, video surveillance, remote applications and real time environmental monitoring help safeguard your property, personal belongings, animals and those you love.

SWAT Systems Security Group

SWAT Systems Security Group, Inc. is one of Southern California’s leading electronic security providers. For over a quarter of century SWAT has installed, monitored and serviced security systems for political figures, Hollywood celebrities, foreign dignitaries, motion picture and recording studios, fashion industry leaders, large industrial and manufacturing facilities, airports, houses of worship and theme parks, to mention just a few.

SWAT is a U.L. (Underwriter’s Laboratory) listed service provider, which means we have been tested and certified to install systems and applications where most generic providers are not approved. Many insurance carriers recognize this ‘Gold Standard’ in our industry and offer discounts from your premium payments for our services. (This standard is so high only about 5-6% of security providers nationwide have qualified).

SWAT will cover virtually all aspects of your electronic security needs from custom design residential systems to commercial/industrial applications.


SWAT Systems Security Group, Inc. has certifications, listings and/or approvals from the following organizations,testing or approval institutions and professional associations. These bodies only admit/certify security professionals of the highest caliber:

  • Under Writer’s Laboratory (UL) Listed
  • The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
  • The Western Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
  • The California Alarm Association
  • The Greater Los Angeles Security/Alarm Association
  • Security Industry Association
  • Protect America
  • LAPD Crime Prevention Specialist Training Program
  • California State Department of Corporations Registered
  • California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services-2831
  • Department of Defense Compliant


Secure your new home with a home security system. It is a good idea to have your home security system in place even before your official arrival because would be burglars love homes where owners are in the process of moving. They know that most people move the larger, more expensive items first. They also know that while you are in the process of moving you are more distracted and the house is likely easily broken into during this time. Having a security system already in place can deter burglars before they strike.

If you have an existing security system that is currently not activated or monitored monthly, we can review your current system and offer suggestions for service that may include:

  • Use the existing alarm system
  • Install a brand new system
  • Upgrade an existing alarm system

SWAT Services

Keeping you safe with the latest technology and superior service.



Maintenence & Repairs

  • Burglar Alarms*
  • Fire Alarms*
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Hold Up/Panic Systems
  • Medical Alert Systems

*Monitoring required

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Radio Back-Up
  • Hold Up/Panic
  • Duress/Hostage
  • Guard Response
  • Medical Response
  • Video (CCTV) Monitoring
  • Remote Applications
  • Burglar Alarms  (We service all brands)
  • Fire Alarms
  • Camera Systems
  • Video/Audio Intercoms
  • Access Control Systems

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